Description of a brevet

200, 300, 400, 600 or 1,000 km rides on predefined routes with checkpoints, the brevets are an opportunity to surpass yourself!

Time allowed

The brevets are free pace, but a minimum speed of 15 km/h (including stops) is necessary to finish within the time allowed for each distance.

200 Km13 h 30
300 Km20 h
400 Km27 h
600 Km40 h
1000 Km75 h

These times include breaks; the stopwatch does not stop until the cyclist arrives at the final control.


During the ride, cyclists must have a brevet card validated at designated locations along the route. These checkpoints are located at intervals of 50 to 75 km. In order to be certified, participants must have presented their card at all checkpoints during checkpoint hours.

Each rider receives his or her brevet card at the start of the ride and must return it by mail (postage‐paid envelope provided) upon completion of the ride.